Talent Contests

Welcome to the Border Field Blues Talent Contests page. Actual money will be given to winners. These contests will go live when Border Field Blues – App Version goes live on the iTunes store. The following contests will go live on or about Monday, April 21.

Hector’s Jicama Salad
All you chefs out there, create a recipe for Hector’s Jicama Salad from the Villa Cantina that Rolly Waters picks over in the El Desayuno chapter.

Sad Eyed Madonna Songwriting Contest
When Big Jimmy reminds Rolly of the night he got stabbed while working as the bouncer at Pelican’s nightclub, he remembers the song Rolly’s band, The Creatures, was playing that night – Sad-Eyed Madonna. Write the song and win.

Album Cover Contest
Jungle Love by Serpent. There’s a snake, and a jungle and a naked red-haired girl on the cover. Design it.

Jungle Love Hip Hop Remix Contest
Marley recognizes the signature piano riff from the song Jungle Love, but he knows it from a hip-hop track that sampled the riff. Build a hip-hop song that includes the riff and bass line from the original recording of Jungle Love.

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