El Deudo (The Pall Bearer)


Many video games can be “modded”, either by clever hacking or through methods approved and sometimes encouraged by the original manufacturer. Mods are popular in role-playing games, first-person shooters, and real-time strategy games. They are usually “modded” by using a level editor – a specialized software tool used to design levels, maps, and campaigns for video games.

There really is a video game titled Zombie Apocalypse, released in 2009. On Metacritic, it has received an aggregate score of 61% on PlayStation 3 and 66% on Xbox 360.

There is no video game called “Border Lords”, although there is one called “Borderlands”.

Sayer Burdon — named for 1970s popster Leo Sayer, and The Animals gravelly-voiced frontman Eric Burdon



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