El Rescate (The Rescue)


The Cesar E Chavez Expressway leads to Chicano Park, which is home to the largest collection of outdoor murals in the United States. Chicano Park was created in 1970 following protests when construction for a Highway Patrol Office and Parking lot was begun in an area beneath the Cabrillo Bridge where locals had been promised a new park. Many in the area were fed up after years of re-zoning, and the 1963 division of the barrio by Interstate 5. A crowd of more than 250 gathered to protest. Construction was halted and never begun again. After a few months of negotiation, money was allocated for development of the park. The mural paintings were begun in 1973, and were created by Chicano artists from all over California.

Photo in public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Percushen — as far as I am aware, there is no pain-killer with the name Percushen. I started with Percoset and decided to mak a little drum joke (Percussion/Percushen). Also, I wouldn’t have to worry if the Rolly’s side effects were real or not. Made up medication = Made up side effects.

Roofies — street slang for Flunitrazepam, which can induce amnesia in sufficient doses, making it popular as a “date rape” drug.



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