El Salon (The Bar)


The character of Ricardo Chacon was inspired by a non-fiction book, Lines and Shadows by Joseph Wambaugh. It’s the true story about the Border Area Robbery Force, or BARF, as they came to call themselves. The basics of what Rico Chacon tells Rolly and Bonnie is based on the true events. Rico Chacon is a fictional character, however, but there are two qualities I gave him as an homage to Mr. Wambaugh’s excellent book. Brownie points to any readers who can identify them.

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Lewis Spencer — a combination of the piano-playing rocker Jerry Lee Lewis, and Jeremy Spencer, guitarist with the original Fleetwood Mac. I have my reasons.

Rico Chacon — I’m not going to pretend. I did not use musician’s names to come up with this name, although I could make up some.

Chief Preston — as my chief of police, I selected Billy Preston, the piano player, hit songwriter, and the non-Beatle playing on the rooftop in Let It Be

Danny Walters — for Danny Kortchmar, studio guitarist and Richard Walters, who’s edited a lot of songbooks, including the “Sondheim for Singers” series.



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