El Vaquero (The Cowboy)


One of my first reactions when I originally visited Border Field Park was “Wow, they let people ride horses on the beach down here. There’s several horse rental ranches in the area, as you can see from the sign below.

Photo by Bruce Fayman, Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0 US)

Tempted though I was to saddle up on my visits to the area, I can’t ride horses. I’m allergic to them. I probably know more than Rolly about horses, since I have actually ridden a few. That’s how I know I’m allergic. Ask my wife. She’ll tell you the fun story of one of our early adventures together, riding a friend’s horses at the Wrigley Ranch on Catalina Island, how my face blew up like a balloon.

Herdurra Reposado used to be my preferred brand of tequila. Reposado means “rested”. Aged. It’s not just some lighter fluid off the truck. Unlike Rolly, I still enjoy tequila on occasion.

There are several farms in the area. You can pick up fantastic strawberries at one roadside stand that I know, the last stretch on Monument Road before the park entrance.

Photo by Bruce Fayman, Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0 US)

Counterpoint – refers to a formal classical music technique of writing independent musical lines that focuses on the melodic interaction of notes rather than with chords like most pop music.

XTapay — is an authentic legend from the Yucatan Peninsula. I went searching for some succubus-like female deity that could haunt Jaime’s personal mythology. And I found her. Jaime, my friend, you were now born in the Yucatan.

Yucatan — on a map of Mexico, Yucatan is the point that curves back up towards the United States, helping to form the Gulf of Mexico.

Anoche — last night

As far as my characters-named-after musician/musical terms theme, there’s a songwriter named Jaime Velasquez, who’s written songs such as Dulce Veneno and Lagrimillas Tontas. OK, I’ll admit it. This is one case where I came up with the name first and had to go looking for musicians with that name afterwards.



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