El Visitante (The Visitor)


Californios — The orderly refers to “you Californios”, which is really a historical term, and I’m not sure Rolly would qualify. It refers to Spanish-speaking Catholics living in California after Mexico ceded California to the United States. It can also refer to their descendents. As you’ll find out later, Rolly isn’t Catholic and he can’t speak Spanish.

Triplets — three notes of equal timing that fit into the timing of one “regular” timed note. Two eighth notes take the same time as a quarter note. But three triplet eighth notes also take the same time as a quarter note.

Clave — a pair of short thick sticks often used for percussion patterns in Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. It could also refer to the rhythmic pattern itself.

Image based on photo by ljguitar, Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0)

Tilapia — a bony little fish that’s become more popular for eating lately. I associate it with Latin American escabeche where you have to deal with all those bones when eating one.

Creative Commons (CC0 1.0)

Rio — a song by Duran Duran. Rolly would hate anything by Duran Duran, just on principle.



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