La Batalla (The Battle)


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Ellen Ochoa — the first hispanic woman in space, Ochoa served on 4 space shuttle missions. She also has strong San Diego connections, growing up in La Mesa, graduating from Grossmont High School in El Cajon, and receiving her B.A. a in physics from San Diego State University in 1980 (Her Master’s and Phd are from Stanford). Hector and his friends would be well aware of her accomplishments.

Image based on photo by MikeMurga,
Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Carlos Santana — I’m pretty sure you know who Santana is, but just in case, he’s a Mexican-American guitarist who became famous in the late 1960s via his eponymous band Santana. The band created a fusion of rock and Latin American music, featuring Carlos’ melodic, blues-based lead guitar set against Latin and African rhythms, including percussion instruments such as timbales and congas not previously used in rock music.

Photo of Sheila E playing timbalesImage based on photo by Elian Chrebor,
Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Sheila E — Grammy nominated American singer, drummer, and percussionist whoe comes from a long line of musicians and drummers, including her father, Pete Escovedo. She has a San Diego connection as well. Javier Escovedo, her uncle, founded the seminal San Diego punk-rock band, The Zeros, who no doubt played some of the same bars as Rolly’s early band, The Creatures

Para la raza. Para el Chicano. — “For the race. For the Chicano.”



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