La Cena (The Dinner)


We’ve been to the Villa Cantina before, so I’m not going to add much here.

Jungle Love is a real song I wrote with my brother and recorded with our band Bad Dog. In our personal history we think of it as the song that ruined our chances with Columbia Records. You can hear it below.



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Marley’s heard the piano riff and bass line from this song before, but it’s been sampled and used on a hip-hop track. Create the hip-hop track. For more info, go to the Border Field Blues Contest Page

Marley Scratch — – I went all reggae on this one. Everybody knows Bob Marley, which I used for the first name, but Marley’s last name is from the man who invented “dub” and produced and recorded many great reggae records, Lee “Scratch” Perry.



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