La Discusion (The Discussion)


Mother Jones is a left-wing American magazine, featuring investigative stories on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture. It’s named after Mary Harris Jones, called Mother Jones, an Irish-American trade union activist in the early 20th century. I figure Hector’s a regular subscriber.

Hector gets his medical terms wrong here when referring to the Mother Jones article. He calls the procedure a hymenectomy when he should have said hymenoplasty. They are both real surgical procedures, but basically opposities. To put this as delicately as possible, a hymenectomy is about opening the door, a hymenoplasty is about closing it. If you need any more details than that, you’ll have to look it up yourself.

From what I’ve read, hymenoplasties are not uncommon in Muslim countries, although you’ll find gynecologists/plastic surgeons advertising the procedure in Western Countries as well. I don’t know about China, but I do know China has too many men as a result of their one-child policies and it’s no doubt a ripe market for this kind of thing. As for women who choose to do this as a “treat” for their partner (see video), count me baffled.



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