La Tienda (The Store)


The PMRC was the Parents Music Resource Center, founded by Tipper Gore and other “Washington Wives” in 1985. You may thank them for the “Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics” stickers that adorn some CDs, thus enhancing their appeal to teenagers and increasing sales, which was probably not what the PMRC had in mind.

A somewhat dingy, but great, guitar store called Freedom Guitar used to exist where I’ve placed Norwood’s Mostly. There have been several used guitar and music stores in the downtown area over the years, though I’m not aware of any still around today. Such is the price of urban development and gentrification.

If you’ve never seen The Beatles original Yesterday and Today album cover, you clearly have a hole in your cultural life. Google it and prepare to go all WTF (as the kids say). Copies have sold for as much as $39,000

BB, Albert and Freddy King are the Three Kings of electric blues guitar, however you wish to interpret that statement.

Mercury Records screwed up the career of one of my favorite artists, Graham Parker, so I figured I’d let them screw up Rob Norwood’s career, as well.

Rob Norwood — the first name is from heavy metalist and horror-film aficionado Rob Zombie. The last name I took from a guitar-playing friend of mine, Joe Norwood

Cliff Osmond — the first name is from Cliff Morse, the bass player in my last band. The last name is, yeah, from Donny Osmond

Leslie — Rolly’s ex-girlfriend is named after Leslie speakers, famous for that swirling sound they give to the Hammond B3 Organ (or whatever instrument you want to run through them).

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